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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Victorian Window Boxes

Victorian Window Box available in Small (38.95) and Large (48.95) at Garden Boutique.

These charming Victorian-style window boxes are perfect if you like the rustic, antiquated flavour of Victorian cottage gardens and countryside chic. They are perfect for planting up on porches, window sills and walls filled with lazy drooping ivy and pretty pink skimia.

Made of sturdy rustic iron these window boxes are designed to look like aging antiques - only you will know they weren't discovered in a tangle of weeds in the garden of a dilapidated provinical cottage.

The Small window box measures 18cm x 66cm and the Large is a generous 18cm x 88cm. They contain a flat zinc tray so you can keep your pots balanced. Our ever-popular small round zinc pots fit perfectly into these windowboxes and complete the shabby vintage look.

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