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Friday, 6 March 2009

A good white window box is hard to find...

We have been searching high and low for a white window box at Garden Boutique. It is not an easy task, as so many white window boxes begin to look tatty and cheap after only a couple of weeks in the garden.

Finally, we have found a white window box that stands up to the task. The bad news is that it is not cheap. It seems perfection comes with a hefty price tag.

The good news is that these white window boxes are nigh on indestructable. The planters are colour powder coated as a whole single piece so that there are no seams or joints on the exterior surface into which water could penetrate. Then they are baked at 180 degrees centigrade to allow the powder colour to super adhere into the aluminium surface to create exceptional colour longevity.

Each white window box comes with a 16 year colour guarantee so you know it will look good for years to come.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Aged Zinc window box for classic window box style

Aged Zinc window boxes and pots have an amazing patina. They have a lovely matt finish that looks old without looking tatty. This zinc window box is a favourite with garden designers as it's classic good looks are timeless and go with everything...
The aged zinc window box is available in 3 sizes: 40cm zinc window box, 60cm zinc window box and 80cm zinc window box.

Matching zinc pots and zinc tubs are also available from Garden Boutique from £9.50

Window box brackets for hanging windowboxes - adjustable hooks

Window box bracket - adjustable hooks - perfect for hanging your windowbox over a balcony wall or railings. Available as an adjustable window box bracket 37cm or 60cm long.

Garden wall bracket for window boxes also available in two sizes.

Check out our range of brackets for securing window boxes.

Adjustable window box bracket XL - 60cm long
£20.95 from Garden Boutique

The adjustable hook bracket can be adjusted to fit over walls/railings from 1cm W to up to 16.5cm W. This window box bracket will support a window box up to 6okg in weight.

Red Painted Iron Windowbox - year round windowbox colour

Painting your windowbox a bright colour, or buying a coloured windowbox is a great way of cheering up a house or business. Just see how the simple planting of cylamen, ivy and skimmia is lifted out of the ordinary by this vivid red windowbox.

I spotted this fabulously ornate red windowbox outside a restaurant in Birmingham. Isn't it an elegant solution?