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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Edible plants for your windowbox

Great tips from the Independent about the best edibles to grow in your windowbox.

My favourite Chanteray carrots get a mention - although parmex will also grow very happily in a windowbox...

Monday, 27 October 2008

More green and white themed window boxes and planters

Double windowboxes in white and green - with black gloss planter

Some more classic winter window boxes in white and green - it would be hard to make anything else work with the bold black and white tiles I guess.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Window Box Style - elegant white and green

White cyclamen with trailing ivy, and buxus spheres complement the blade like leaves of phormium and a slate grey window box.

White and green themed window boxes are everywhere at the moment. In a break away movement from the bright colours of summer flower box plantings, the trend for this winters windowbox is neutral whites, creams and greens...

Fake it with plastic plants in your windowbox.
Here fake buxus, fake ivy and fake white hydrangeas make a sublime planting combination for this planting trough

But look how much better it looks with real plants!

Here terrazzo cube planters containing tall clipped bay cones are underplanted with the soft domes of white hydrangeas. The large leaves of the hydrangea really softens the effect and introduces and new texture into the planting scheme.

This is a planting combination that could easily be ammended for a windowbox or long planting trough.

Monday, 13 October 2008


There is a saying that "Red and Green should never be seen" but when it comes to planting up garden pots and windowboxes, you can ignore this rule completely. The pictures of red windowboxes below prove why...

Red wooden windowbox planters are filled with buxus balls and the sharp colour contrast is softened by blue winter pansies...

Red and Green are complementary colours - this means that they are opposite on the colour wheel. Using red and green together in planting is particularly effective for winter displays as when placed next to each other, complementary colours make each other appear brighter.

You can make use of this colour device by using red and green planting together. Red cyclamens are seen here against the green of ivy. Alternatively you can use your pot or windowbox to provide a bold block of red and plant your container with evergreens such as buxus.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Classy white windowbox matches white wooden shutters

This elegant granite windowbox has been planted with trailing white petunias and the silver foliage of lavender. The white is an excellent choice for this setting as it complements the white window frame and the white wooden shutters inside the property - as well as toning in with the cream rendered walls of the house